Sailing on the AVONTUUR is hard work for our common MISSION to ellliminate pollution in the cargo shipping industry. But it is also an unconventional experience and maybe the most out of the box get together of people with the same values gathering under sail. As Shipmate, you are contributing to our MISSION ZERO in the most captivating way.


The AVONTUUR is no conventional ship: sailing and working on board is not just an ordinary holiday trip. We are on a MISSION to show the world that clean sea transport is possible and necessary. Furthermore, we want to make people think and reflect about the consequences of our life style, our consumption, and the consequences of the pursuit of constant growth. In other words, we are not just sailing a traditional schooner for the sake of tradition and every person on board is regarded as full member of the crew.


What does that mean? It means living a life by a different clock, standing watches, doing maintenance work, cleaning. It also means getting to know the sea and its mysteries, salty skin and clothes, living with the constant motion of the ship.
If you want to be part of a change, fight for a cleaner future and learn about traditional seamanship, if you want to experience a completely different way of living, meet great people from all over the world – come and join us!


No matter how old you are, you should be in good physical shape, because: the work on board a 100-year-old cargo sailing ship is hard and needs strength and endurance. As our supporters for our MISSION ZERO gather under our sails from all over the world, you should speak and understand English well enough: it is the official language on board. And last but not least, you should not be shy of people: the AVONTUUR is confined and offers little comfort. She is designed as a working vessel and as our battleship for a more sustainable future. You can fill our project with life and be the driving force behind our common goals.



If you want to sign on aboard the AVONTUUR as a Shipmate, you are just one click away. To get a first impression of you, write to us stating the Voyage (Legs) you would like to sail with us, your name and age, your contact details and tell us about yourself and what motivates you to join us. Finally, attach a recent picture of yourself (for memory aid purposes only).
We are looking forward to meeting you!


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